Welcome to The Key _ Your Potential Unlocked

We believe all young people have the power to be great.

By trusting they have the power to make the most of themselves we help young people unlock their own potential.

We motivate young people to prove they can think, plan, do and review a project that takes them through a journey of discovery and skills development. Our model is designed to bind our supporters and the wider community to be part of that journey. We do it with just enough structure and plenty of freedom for each young person to make their own choices. We aren't constrained by who that young person is or what ideas they have as long as we can help them realise that they can be great.

Let us tell you a few of their stories.... 

“I’m very proud of my-self for doing The Key Programme. I’m pleased I worked for the money and it was not just given to me. It made it worth a lot more.”
– Young person, Shildon Lasses

“Being involved has helped me to settle down and keep out of trouble. I am a lot more committed.”
– Young person, One Step Further

“[After doing The Key Programme] I feel that I am starting to become the me that I feel that I should be inside.”
– Young person with Aspergers, Gamerholics

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